Text Message Marketing is a simple and cost effective way to connect with prospect buyers

Once your customers opt-in for more information about a particular property, you have access to a preferred method of communication - texting! 

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Text Marketing for Real Estate
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Are qualified, quality leads worth $40 per month?
Sounds like a no-brainer!  In this housing market, more buyer leads are worth their weight in gold.

Our Real Estate SMS program will give you those leads.  Skeptical?  Try it out.  What do you have to lose...?  What do you have to gain?  MORE BUYERS!
What is behind that door?

Mercury Mobile Marketing is pleased to announce a National cell phone text-in service that is going to help you get more listings and sell more properties. It’s simple, inexpensive and it’s going to extend your selling 24/7 while capturing cell phone numbers of buyers.

Text HOUSE.25 to 33938
Try it right now from your cell phone. Text HOUSE.25 to 33938.  Within seconds, you’re going to receive information about property 25.

What information can be sent?
Information that wasn’t on the sign nor on the listing sheet, in the little stand next to the sign (well, that was empty); whatever the selling agent for that property wants to say, price, bedrooms, baths, square footage, link to photos on realtor’s site?

How do the ID's work?
Once you’ve acquired the property ID’s from us, place the call to action on your For Sale sign riders, such as “for more info, text HOUSE25 to 12345”.  In this example, 25 is the property ID.
When you use ID’s from Mercury Mobile Marketing, we program them into our system so when someone inquires about one of your ID’s, the information you want to send them is sent to their cell phone.

That’s all there is to it. Change the information as often as you like; you can do it yourself online (or you can have us do it for you). Place signs with your ID’s anywhere in the US. Anywhere in the US, where someone with a cell phone might happen by and be interested in your property....think you have any of those people?

How about this for another feature; when someone texts in for property information, the selling agent is sent a text message with the cell phone number of the person in front of your property.  The phone number is already on the sign, so why would you want to provide another inquiry method? You don’t have someone answering the phone 24/7. And many people hate talking to sales people. Do the older people know how to text? More of them do every day.  The median age of consumers who use text messaging is 38 years old — the same as the average home buyer!

How else can I use this program?
With our system, you’ll have the cell phone numbers of everyone inquiring into each of your properties.  Let’s say the seller of a specific property drops their price.  Wouldn’t it be nice to send everyone that inquired into that property a text message with the new pricing?  Or, better yet, call them...you’ve got their number!  If a new property is listed, how about sending the new property information to the people that were interested in a similar one?  Is there an Open House coming up?  Send the details to everyone that asked about that property. 

Available Nationally
Most Carriers supported
Simple to use & manage
Easy Month-to-Month Contract
Available to Agents, Brokers
Use it on Residential, commercial
For sale; for rent; builders, agents
Get a TXT/Email every time someone inquires
Free QR Codes to use on sale signs


Information about your property is available 24/7.
Deliver whatever property information you want when requested.
Capture the phone number of each inquiry.
Great system for collecting prospects and house hunters of all kinds.
Inexpensive, effective information delivery system.
Puts your property information on people’s phones, no paper
Prospects don't have to leave their car to get a brochure
Update information (e.g., price changes) immediately instead of reprinting brochures
Save money on copying brochures and flyers
Save time running around refilling brochure boxes
Capture prospects' phone numbers for easy text messaging follow-up -- price drops!
Green - no paper, no ink, no driving to refill boxes

One-Time setup fee:                $50
Monthly fee :          $39 (1000 Messages – UNLIMITED Properties)